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Grape times ahead!

GRAPES are a fun collection of 3,333 unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Unlike perfectly formed GRAPES you see in the supermarket, we are a diverse and inclusive bunch who come in all different shapes, sizes and colours. 

Each GRAPE is unique and generated from a combination of over 200 expressions, headwear, glasses, and more. All GRAPES are great, but some have rarer traits than others.

GRAPES have been designed to be a cross-media NFT project with gaming, animated series, merchandise and licensing dropping in May 2023.   

As a GRAPES  holder you will be rewarded in the commercial success of our ventures both inside and outside of Web3. This is what makes GRAPES so exciting. It’s new and revolutionary in the space.

The team behind GRAPES are creators, developers and designers who have had more than 500m+ downloads and have led studio teams across Europe & North America for Square Enix & are backed by Animoca Brands.


Behind Grapes is a wealth of experience

Ben Cusack led Square Enix’s Mobile Studios, launching Lara Croft, Final Fantasy, Championship Manager as well as Space Invaders and many other mobile games.

Dan Beasley has been integral to taking many influencers and TV brands to mobile for the first time, including Who Wants to be a Millionaire with Sony Pictures, Mr Bean, KSI & Logan Paul to name but a few.

Together they founded VIKER in 2019, the leading Play-&-Earn mobile game studio.


A grape place to be!

With grape power, comes grape responsibility…

GRAPES are an exclusive, community-driven NFT project that aims to do good and build an extraordinary community.


Let’s play!

GRAPES are bought to you by the team behind VIKER who have generated over 500 million downloads and counting.

GRAPE GAMES are coming soon to iOS & Android 


Join us for the ride…

GRAPES are backed by the very best & are partnering with the biggest projects & most forward-thinking super brands in the world to create a global entertainment IP.



Together we are better 
Grapes was inspired by the need for us as a community to help the world fight deforestation.

Learning about the scale of destruction of our ancient forests around the world, we felt inspired to explore how we could make an impact with GRAPES and most importantly to take action.

We believe that as a community we have the power to make a huge difference. 

Buy one, plant one!
We’ve partnered with the amazing team at Bumboo and all holders will get exclusive, beautifully soft & sustainable luxury Bamboo toilet tissue. 

We do this through Eden Reforestation Projects, which employ local villagers to plant trees in areas devastated by the effects of deforestation.

Together, as a community, we can make changes for the better 



8,888 GRAPE NFT's will be available to MINT on the Ethereum network.
GRAPES will be the the biggest NFT collection of 2023!

The team behind GRAPES have huge experience designing & building games & not only do you have access to all of our current games in Q2 23' GRAPES Super Match hits the App Store and Google Play.



It also goes without saying GRAPES holders will also receive access to exclusive WL's from our partners at Animoca Brands (and beyond), merch drops and raffles.

The first partnerships will be announced, we've been walking on these for months... The hottest brands in the space are lining up to get involved.​



GRAPELAND drops over at THE SANDBOX in Q4




Surround yourself with Grape people…

Grapes are backed by Animoca Brands and some of Web3’s most recognisable industry leaders have joined as advisors. 






Yat Siu



Mystery Grape


It’s a fun and globally appealing collection of 3,333 crafted NFT’s. GRAPES have been designed to be a cross-media NFT project with gaming, animated series, merchandise and licensing dropping in May 2023.

NFT utility has come a long way since 2021 and as a holder of GRAPES you will be rewarded in the commercial success of our ventures both inside and outside of Web3. This for us is what makes this so exciting. It’s new and revolutionary in the space. 

There are 3,333 Grapes in the collection
Our GRAPE NFTs are created on the Ethereum blockchain using a ERC-721 Contract.

Simple. You’ll need some ETH. Chances are you’ve already got some in your wallet. 

You can buy a Grape from our official Opensea page.

A kick-ass team led by Ben Cusack & Dan Beasley. Ben was formerly Head of Studio @ Square Enix in Europe. Dan is a serial entrepreneur and has worked with many global entertainment brands across the world to take their IP into Web2 & Web3.

Between them that can count more than 500 million downloads and in 2022 Animoca Brands led investment into the Studio based in London, UK.

We are on a path to create a global entertainment IP giant in Web3. Backed and supported by some of the industry’s forward thinking powerhouses, leaders and creators. 


You have the right of reproduction, representation and adaptation for all modes of exploitation, including commercial ones, on all mediums and/or media and using all formats and by all technical processes known to date or to come, subject to the restrictions as detailed in our License Agreement.

To learn more about the license terms, we invite our Grape OG’s to view the License Agreement. We strive for creator rights and transparency.

You can harvest (stake) your Grapes here.

Harvesting is Grapes soft-staking where your Grapes is harvested to earn Grape bunches. You are not required to interact with any contract or be involved in any transaction.

Grapes are harvested automatically earning you Grape Bunches by holding your Grape NFTs in your wallet.

Once Grape NFT gets listed, sold, or transferred you will stop earning Grape Bunches and NFT will be moved to the Listed tab.

The primary reward for harvesting your Grape NFTs will be in the form of Grapes Bunches. Additionally, your Grape NFTs harvests/earns you a grape bunch every 24 hours from purchase. The longer you harvest your Grape NFT, the more rewards you’ll harvest!

The Grapes NFT will show “staked” as soon as Opensea API is updated on the database. Delisting a Grape NFT is usually instant but sometimes can take a few hours to update your Grape NFT status to “staked”.

Once you De-list your Grape NFT, you will start earning your Grapes Bunches again.

If you list your NFT on a secondary market or transfer your grape to another wallet, the bunches yield will stop until the grape is returned or delisted.

Yes, your Grapes NFT are ‘soft-staked’ so they will remain in your wallet.

No, harvesting will not lead to a decrease in the holder count displayed on any marketplaces as the mechanism is non-custodial. You are not required to interact with any contract or involve in any transaction.

Bunches are not for sale, they will remain with the wallet connected on

You have until the 11th July to open a ticket, we will look at adding the additional bunches you earned before transferring the NFT to the cold wallet. 

If you have any additional queries and need support! Feel free to open a ticket in the Grapes Discord server and our team will come back to you.